Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hi all, For those who are interested our 'Back-dated' LLV 45' Louvre vans will all come will our new 2BR Bogie. Tooling is currently underway and we should get test shots shortly from the factory. But in the meantime we'll give you a glimpse of an image of the bogie from the CAD file. Stenciling is still to be added to the bogie in this image. As soon as we have test shots at our office we'll upload the images. The On Track Models Team

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hi all, Our factory has supplied us a photo of the first test shot of the new end for the NSW LLV 45' Louvre Van. The changes incorporate new end handrails and the lamp brackets have been moved further up on the end of the van to represent these vans as delivered. Also included will be the correct shape and style of buffers that were applied to these vans. There's still one or two minor things to correct, but we should be receiving samples of the vans soon. The On Track Models Team.