Thursday, 27 December 2012

These are the Production Samples received from the Factory. The expected delivery date for these models is Late Jan/ Early February 2013. More photos are available on our Google+, Facebook & Flickr
sites The On Track Models Team

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hi all, We've recently received painted samples to review of our NSW 45' Louvre Vans. We anticipate that these models should be available for sale around the end of January at this stage. One or two minor items need adjusting, but this shouldn't be a problem for the factory. Some more images are available on our Google+ & Flicker sites The On Track Models Team

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hi all, For those who are interested our 'Back-dated' LLV 45' Louvre vans will all come will our new 2BR Bogie. Tooling is currently underway and we should get test shots shortly from the factory. But in the meantime we'll give you a glimpse of an image of the bogie from the CAD file. Stenciling is still to be added to the bogie in this image. As soon as we have test shots at our office we'll upload the images. The On Track Models Team

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hi all, Our factory has supplied us a photo of the first test shot of the new end for the NSW LLV 45' Louvre Van. The changes incorporate new end handrails and the lamp brackets have been moved further up on the end of the van to represent these vans as delivered. Also included will be the correct shape and style of buffers that were applied to these vans. There's still one or two minor things to correct, but we should be receiving samples of the vans soon. The On Track Models Team.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hi all, Day 2 of the Exhibition has come and gone with only one day remaining. We've had a phenomenal response to the samples of our new 82 Class Locomotive and Victorian 56' Louvre Vans. Going by the number of orders and enquiries we've received there's going to be a lot of happy modellers in late December when the 82 Classes arrive. Don't our special offer for free registered postage and insurance if you pay for your 82 Classes in full by October 31st, 2012. For those who can make it to the Exhibition you can see running samples of both the DC & DCC equipped locomotives on the Brisbane Waters (DC) & Mungo Scott (DCC) layouts. In the display case you'll also see a sample of 8201 with the body removed to show how easy it is to install the 21 pin DCC chip and sound speakers. Drop by for a demonstration and ask us about it. We hope to see you there on the final day. The On Track Models Team

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hi All, We had a pretty hectic first day at the AMRA Sydney Model Railway Exhibition today. We released details of our very first locomotive in Ready-to-Run. Painted samples of the 82 class diesel electric were shown for the first time in public, only a day after we received them from our factory in China. The factory has advised us that delivery is now expected in mid - late December this year. As an introductory offer, orders placed before October 31st, 2012 and paid in full receive free registered postage and insurance to anywhere within Australia. Each locomotive only costs $ 295.00 and is available initially from On Track Models. We will have 3 versions available, each with 3 different road numbers and 1 un-numbered unit. Version 1 is based on the Freight Rail units as delivered in 1994. It features the original body style, Freight Rail logos, Clyde builders plate, original communications equipment, and original dynamic side grill. Locos available include: 8201, 8206, 8212, & an un-numbered unit. Version 2 is based on the FreightCorp units from around 1996. It features vertical handrails on the cab nose, FreightCorp logos, no builders plate, satellite dome on the body roof, and modified dynamic grill. Locos available include: 8209, 8217, 8226, & an un-numbered unit. Version 3 is based on the Pacific National units from 2003. It features vertical handrails on the cab nose, Pacific National logos, EDI builders plate, satellite dome on the body roof, modified dynamic grill, plated over steps on the pilots, recessed toilet door, additional vestibule door locks, target plate on the anti-climber additional warning stickers, walkway reflectors, and AM/FM radio antenna. Locos available include: 8228, 8232, 8237, & an un-numbered unit. Each un-numbered unit comes complete with a decal sheet so you can individually number your favourite loco. One of the highlights of the model is the ease that a 21 pin DCC chip can be installed, just remove the roof hatch off the body and insert the chip. If you want to add speakers, all you need to do is remove the 2 screws from the underframe that hold the body in place, and lift off the body, and install your speakers. It's that simple. Each loco is supplied with a Quality 'Mashima' 5 pole skew wound motor delivering powerful smooth performance. Details will be available on our website once we get a chance to get some photos done, but if you'd like an order form before then just drop an e-mail to and we'll send one back you. The On Track Models Team

Friday, 28 September 2012

Hi All, Tomorrows the big day, The AMRA Sydney Model Railway Exhibition opens in the morning at 0900. On Track Models will be attending on Stand 102, drop by and say hello. We'll have samples of our forthcoming re-run of the Victorian 56' Louvre Van on display as well as the last couple packs left of the first run for sale. Also available will be the last few packs of LLV-5's that we have as well. We have new stock of Coal loads and Limestone loads for our CH Coal Hopper range on hand. And we'll be showing off pre-production samples of our new ready-to-run locomotive which is due here in late November / early December. Details will be released when the doors open tomorrow morning and we'll update our Blog on the announcement as the day progresses. For those who haven't yet seen the News Section of the Australian Model Railway Magazine, this loco comes equipped with a quality 'Mashima' 1830 5 Pole Skew Wound Motor, as well as Genuine Kadee Metal Couplers. All wheel pick-up, all wheel drive, see-through etched metal grills plus internal cab detail are just some of the features. If you just want to run DCC, you can access the 21 pin plug through an access hatch in the roof. Provision has been made on the die-cast metal frame for the mounting of 2 speakers if desired. This can be achieved through the body that has been designed for easy removal. This loco is a modern diesel that has not been previously produced as a Ready-to-run model and has seen service in 4 mainland states. Looking forward to seeing you there, The On Track Models Team

Friday, 14 September 2012

Hi All, We've just received painted samples of the 2nd run of the Victorian 56' Louvre Vans. Some minor corrections are required to some of the printing on the wagon sides, but overall we're quite happy with the outcome. These samples will be on display at the AMRA NSW Model Railway Exhibition over the October long weekend at Liverpool. The prices will remain the same at $ 180.00 per pack of 3 models. The order forms will be available online in the next week or so. The photos are available on our Facebook page & on our Google+ page. Kindest regards, The On Track Models Team

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hi all, We've just received painted samples of the re-run of the Victorian 56' Louvre Vans. These samples include the new Freight Australia liveried vans. Photos will be uploaded as soon as we get a chance to photograph them. The On Track Models Team