Thursday, 31 January 2013

A photo of the production run numbered Freight Rail 82 Classes
A photo of the production run numbered FreightCorp 82 Classes
A photo of the production run numbered Pacific National 82 Classes
Hi All, We've just received word from the factory concerning the status of the 82 class models. The V1 (Freight Rail) & V2 (FreightCorp) models will be shipped on Tues February 5th, with the balance being the V3 (Pacific National) models shipped about 3-4 weeks after the Chinese New Year. The delay in part was caused by the factories previous production run running over schedule due to a late minute change by their client. Another minor delay was caused by the fitting of the PCB board. We stopped the production line until this was corrected. We apologise for the slight delay but we've worked hard behind the scenes with the factory to correct this as soon as it became apparent. At this stage we expect to start shipping the models in the first week of March for the V1 & V2's. For those who have orders spanning all 3 versions we'll contact you closer to the delivery date to see how you'd like your models dispatched. Shipping at the same time as the 82 Class will be the second run of the Victorian 56' Louvre Vans. The On Track Models