Thursday, 28 February 2013

On Track Models at the Forestville Model Railway Exhibition

Hi All, On Track Models will be attending the North Shore Railway Modellers' Association's Forestville Model Railway Exhibition. For more details check out their website here: It's our first time there, so drop in and say hi and see our new range of models. We'll have a limited number of our newly released 82 Classes & Victorian 56' Louvre Vans for sale. We'll also have on display samples of our forthcoming NSW 45' Louvre Van Re-run. For those who remember back in 1995 Forestville is the place were Baker's SRM launched it's 82 Class kit. So it's kind of fitting that we launch the 82 Class Ready-To-Run model here as well. Unfortunately, those who have pre-ordered their 82 Classes, they will be unable to pick their models up from the Exhibition as quite a few orders have already been posted and a number more will be posted on Friday as well. We don't want to say you can pick them up from us if we've already sent them out to you. The posting of the parcels is ongoing and some will even be sent on Saturday morning through the local Post Office Agency. We hope to see you at the Forestville Exhibition over the weekend. The On Track Models Team
Hi All, The Freight Rail (V1) & FreightCorp (V2) 82 Classes and the Victorian 56' Louvre Vans arrived at our warehouse this afternoon. All 1.3 tonnes of them. We've already started sending out orders to people this afternoon. We'll be sending out more tomorrow as well. More are being packaged up over the coming weekend. Unfortunately the Un-Numbered 82 Class units have now all sold out. For those of you who have ordered these models, keep an eye out because they're coming your way. For those who haven't ordered it's not too late to still get one of these fine models. Just check our website for order forms or e-mail us at The Pacific National (V3) 82 Classes are expected in a few weeks. The On Track Models Team