Friday, 29 January 2016

Your Chance To Be Part Of The Design Process

Hi All,

Here's a chance to be part of the OTM design process.

The factory came back to us late today with a revised coupler for the Sprinter.

Unfortunately to achieve this within the current tooling it means deleting the highly detailed but non operational coupler as shown below.

The new design is less detailed than the current one but it means that you won't need to change out the couplers if you want to run the Sprinters in a multiple consist.

So now you get to choose, which design do you want ?

Post your comments below or send us an email to with your choice.

The closing date for your vote is Tuesday February 2nd.

The On Track Models Team


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sprinter Update

Hi All,

Just a quick update about the progress of the Sprinters.

We've been in discussions with the factory over some outstanding items that up until recently remained unresolved.

The coupler issue has now been corrected, when coupled together the units can now negotiate reverse Peco medium points plus 22" curves.

This was a major issue that needed overcoming. At least 3 major new designs were completed prior to an agreed design being implemented.

The Sprinters as packaged will be supplied with non operational Scharfenberg couplers fitted, included in the box will be Kadee couplers for those wishing to couple their units together.

Also the body was slightly redesigned internally to stop the windows collapsing inwards when the body was removed.

The main circuit board has been reduced in width and the circuit map redesigned to improve the reliability of the unit.

Additionally the side door tooling is now being corrected so it is not so deep, this request was made last April, they're only just getting around to making the changes they said they had previously completed.

At this stage the factory believes they will be able to supply the painted samples to us just after the Chinese New Year holiday break.

Production should occur shortly after this once both V/Line and us (On Track) sign off on these samples.

As a consequence of the delay to production run, we have extended the pre-delivery price until the end of February 2016.

The delays on this project have been frustrating to us but at this point we believe we have finally overcome the outstanding issues.

Thanks to everyone for their faith in us,

The On Track Models Team