Friday, 28 September 2012

Hi All, Tomorrows the big day, The AMRA Sydney Model Railway Exhibition opens in the morning at 0900. On Track Models will be attending on Stand 102, drop by and say hello. We'll have samples of our forthcoming re-run of the Victorian 56' Louvre Van on display as well as the last couple packs left of the first run for sale. Also available will be the last few packs of LLV-5's that we have as well. We have new stock of Coal loads and Limestone loads for our CH Coal Hopper range on hand. And we'll be showing off pre-production samples of our new ready-to-run locomotive which is due here in late November / early December. Details will be released when the doors open tomorrow morning and we'll update our Blog on the announcement as the day progresses. For those who haven't yet seen the News Section of the Australian Model Railway Magazine, this loco comes equipped with a quality 'Mashima' 1830 5 Pole Skew Wound Motor, as well as Genuine Kadee Metal Couplers. All wheel pick-up, all wheel drive, see-through etched metal grills plus internal cab detail are just some of the features. If you just want to run DCC, you can access the 21 pin plug through an access hatch in the roof. Provision has been made on the die-cast metal frame for the mounting of 2 speakers if desired. This can be achieved through the body that has been designed for easy removal. This loco is a modern diesel that has not been previously produced as a Ready-to-run model and has seen service in 4 mainland states. Looking forward to seeing you there, The On Track Models Team

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