Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hi all, Day 2 of the Exhibition has come and gone with only one day remaining. We've had a phenomenal response to the samples of our new 82 Class Locomotive and Victorian 56' Louvre Vans. Going by the number of orders and enquiries we've received there's going to be a lot of happy modellers in late December when the 82 Classes arrive. Don't our special offer for free registered postage and insurance if you pay for your 82 Classes in full by October 31st, 2012. For those who can make it to the Exhibition you can see running samples of both the DC & DCC equipped locomotives on the Brisbane Waters (DC) & Mungo Scott (DCC) layouts. In the display case you'll also see a sample of 8201 with the body removed to show how easy it is to install the 21 pin DCC chip and sound speakers. Drop by for a demonstration and ask us about it. We hope to see you there on the final day. The On Track Models Team

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