Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hi All, We had a pretty hectic first day at the AMRA Sydney Model Railway Exhibition today. We released details of our very first locomotive in Ready-to-Run. Painted samples of the 82 class diesel electric were shown for the first time in public, only a day after we received them from our factory in China. The factory has advised us that delivery is now expected in mid - late December this year. As an introductory offer, orders placed before October 31st, 2012 and paid in full receive free registered postage and insurance to anywhere within Australia. Each locomotive only costs $ 295.00 and is available initially from On Track Models. We will have 3 versions available, each with 3 different road numbers and 1 un-numbered unit. Version 1 is based on the Freight Rail units as delivered in 1994. It features the original body style, Freight Rail logos, Clyde builders plate, original communications equipment, and original dynamic side grill. Locos available include: 8201, 8206, 8212, & an un-numbered unit. Version 2 is based on the FreightCorp units from around 1996. It features vertical handrails on the cab nose, FreightCorp logos, no builders plate, satellite dome on the body roof, and modified dynamic grill. Locos available include: 8209, 8217, 8226, & an un-numbered unit. Version 3 is based on the Pacific National units from 2003. It features vertical handrails on the cab nose, Pacific National logos, EDI builders plate, satellite dome on the body roof, modified dynamic grill, plated over steps on the pilots, recessed toilet door, additional vestibule door locks, target plate on the anti-climber additional warning stickers, walkway reflectors, and AM/FM radio antenna. Locos available include: 8228, 8232, 8237, & an un-numbered unit. Each un-numbered unit comes complete with a decal sheet so you can individually number your favourite loco. One of the highlights of the model is the ease that a 21 pin DCC chip can be installed, just remove the roof hatch off the body and insert the chip. If you want to add speakers, all you need to do is remove the 2 screws from the underframe that hold the body in place, and lift off the body, and install your speakers. It's that simple. Each loco is supplied with a Quality 'Mashima' 5 pole skew wound motor delivering powerful smooth performance. Details will be available on our website once we get a chance to get some photos done, but if you'd like an order form before then just drop an e-mail to and we'll send one back you. The On Track Models Team

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