Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hi all, We've recently received painted samples to review of our NSW 45' Louvre Vans. We anticipate that these models should be available for sale around the end of January at this stage. One or two minor items need adjusting, but this shouldn't be a problem for the factory. Some more images are available on our Google+ & Flicker sites The On Track Models Team


  1. Graeme

    They look the goods & a question in regard to there is one area that really is a bug bear with some models & that is in regard to the couplers Kadee or Chinese miss match?

    I find it a shame to see so many wonderfully detailed models let down by the coupler issue. A couple of extra dollars for genuine Kadee's is worth the money hands down as the others fail too often.

    I have a copy of the brochure from Liverpool & no mention about the couplers on it, nor wheel profile either. I notice that the 82cl is listed as having Kadee's.

    1. Hi Colin,

      All of our future models including these ones and the Victorian 56' Louvre Vans all come with Genuine Kadee Metal Couplers.

      Both the 45' & 56' Louvre Vans come equipped with RP25-110 blackened metal wheels.

      We've advised the factory that our future models should be equipped with AMRA Standard Wheels to a wheel width of 0.088" (2.23mm) with 23.8mm length axles.

      I hope this helps,

      The On Track Models Team

  2. Many Thanks

    Not too worried about the 110 profiles as I have never had problems with them as against some 88 profiles.

    Good news indeed though with the Kadee couplers, will enhance the models without doubt.

  3. Hi, what axle length will these come with? I will need to replace them with NWSL P87 equivalents.


  4. Hi Tom,

    For this production run, both on the 56' & 45' Louvre Vans the axle length will be 25.0 mm.

    I hope this helps,

    The On Track Models Team