Thursday, 9 January 2014

They're Here......

Hi All,

Just a quick update.

They're here.....

The Victorian 40' Vans arrived at our warehouse just on lunchtime today.

By the close of business, well by the time Australia Post has to shut anyway, we'd taken 3 fully loaded Utes to the post office full of parcels to be send out.

We'll be working our way through the rest of the orders over the weekend to have them all out by Tuesday.

Ian at Hobbyland in Hornsby NSW, Gary at Model Railroad Craftsman, Blacktown NSW, and Kevin at Airport West Hobbies, Airport West Vic. should have their stock by mid to late next week.

Other hobby shops are to follow in the near future and we'll keep you updated on when they should get theirs.

By early next week we should be able to give an update on which packs are getting low on stock as more order are still coming in.

All in all, a busy, tiring but rewarding day.

The On Track Models Team

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